Elica Virtus Multi 90 TFT Single Electric Oven – Black Gloss (90cm Wide)

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  • A built in Elica single electric oven in black gloss
  • 115 litre capacity
  • Dimensions: H 599 x W 899 x D 572mm
  • Energy Efficiency – A
  • Cleaning sytem: Hydrocleaning
  • Operating Method – Touch Control
  • Perfect Heat – The structure and special insulation of the cavity keep the heat stable ensuring efficiency and high performance in all cooking programs. The very high maximum temperature is ideal for baking pizzas
  • Food Probe – The food and temperature probe guarantees accurate and precise cooking. It monitors the internal temperature of meat and fish to control the timing of the cooking programme – avoiding continuous checks and the heat loss caused by opening the door
  • Moisture Control – The oven is equipped with an easy and effective system that allows for moist heat or dry heat cooking by either retaining or expelling vapour produced inside the cavity
  • Soft Closing – The door closes gently and silently thanks to the soft movement of the hinges
  • Cool Door – Total safety in the kitchen even when children are present. The triple glazed oven door offers protection from high temperatures
  • Sliding Guides – The telescopic guides slide easily making the handling of even heavy trays effortless
  • Cabinet Protection – The cabinet is protected from excessive heat by special insulating material and advanced cooling technology

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Dimensions 899 × 599 cm

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