Elica Ratio 874 SLIM 87cm Induction Hob – Black Glass

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  • A Built In Elica Induction Hob in Black Glass
  • Number of Cooking Zones – 4
  • Dimensions: W 870 x D 360mm
  • Operating Method – Direct slider touch
  • Cooking flow – Adjust the amount of heat with a simple gesture. Switch from a fast boil to keeping a ready-made dish warm by simply moving the cookware on the cooking zones without needing to use the hob controls. The various zones have pre-set power levels that activate whenever they detect a pan
  • Tasty fry – The powerful induction system allows oil to reach an ideal frying temperature (180°C) in half the time in comparison to traditional hobs. Food absorbs less oil resulting in healthier dishes and you can cook more portions in less time
  • Bridge zones – When you cook using large and especially rectangular or ovan pans any part not on the heating zones will be cooler. The bridge zone function solves the problem by joining two cooking zones into a single larger one
  • Pot self-detection – The hob is equipped with special technology that automatically detects the presence of cookware on the cooking zones. Once detected the corresponding controls will light up on the interface so the usr can set the power level
  • Timer – Don’t worry aboout cooking times. Activate the timer and just set the number of minutes to start the countdown. At the end the cooking zone will automatically switch off and a beeper will sound. You can set independent timers on more than one zone at the same time
  • Child lock – This function is valuable to prevent accidental switching on by children or when cleaning the hob
  • Warming mode – This feature was designed for low temperature cooking and ideal for heating liquids without worrying about them over-heating. It is also very useful for keeping prepared food warm
  • Melting mode – This feature is ideal for more delicate melting where high temperatures would spoil the texture or taste. The temperature is kept very low (below 50°C) to ensure that the ingredients fully melt but without the need to continuously stir them
  • Simmering mode – This feature controls the power level of the cooking zone allowing foods to gently simmer for long periods without boiling over sticking to the bottom of the pan or burning

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Dimensions 870 cm

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