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Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Flooring

"What makes Kensi Hope Interiors different?"

We care about the finer details on each and every single design and product supplied. 

To us and our customers it's not just supplying the goods, it's the added service of complete remodelling that sets us apart. 

Every Customer is an added member of our Family and gets treated as such.

From the humble classic mono bloc to the boiling hot water range, today's taps are both stylish and functional.

Available in an extensive selection of styles and finishes to compliment your chosen sink.

Kensi Hope Kitchen Taps

We have a variety of different types of kitchen taps, from different finishes to styles:

  • Nickel finish
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Pull Outs
  • Twin Lever

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Caple 3 In 1 Steaming Water Taps

Whether you want to make a hot beverage, blanch vegetables or reduce boiling time for pasta, 3 in 1 taps have an instant 98°C steaming water. As well as a supply of fresh cold water and regular hot water. And, the incredibly advanced filtration system means it provides the best water quality possible.

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Caple Single Control Taps

Everything controlled by a single lever - move it left and right for temperature, or up and down for pressure. Single control or single lever taps have stood the test of time. it is testimony to their ease of use and adaptability to great design.

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Caple Pull-Out Spray Taps

With technology taken from professional kitchens they work on the same principle as a single lever tap design with the standard hot and cold functions. However on some models the nozzle pulls out on an extended, flexible metal hose. By pressing the button on the side of the spray head the nozzle produces a high pressured spray or jet of water.

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Caple Dual Control Taps

Classic does not mean old fashioned. For many of us dual control taps are a matter of personal preference. Hot on the left, cold on the right. Its as simple as that.

But even with the classic dual control, designs vary. There is a monobloc design or bridge design.

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Caple Puriti Tap

With a Caple Puriti filter tap you can have ordinary hot and cold water, as well as purified water from one single fitting - as an extra lever diverts water through the filter. The activated carbon filter removes chlorine, rust and sediment so you can feel better about the water you consume. You might also find it improves the taste! Each filter lasts approximately six months and can easily be changed without tools.

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