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Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Flooring

"What makes Kensi Hope Interiors different?"

We care about the finer details on each and every single design and product supplied. 

To us and our customers it's not just supplying the goods, it's the added service of complete remodelling that sets us apart. 

Every Customer is an added member of our Family and gets treated as such.

Although Vinyl is the latest flooring category to join the Quick-Step family – the others being Laminate and Parquet – it is by no means an exception to this legacy. Throughout the many designs featured, quality, performance and practicality take centre stage. The strength of our Rigid Vinyl floors is unparalleled, and our entire Vinyl collection features some of the most comfortable and quiet floors available.


The long and wide dimensions of Pulse provide the ultimate luxurious flooring experience. Its V-grooved panels create a spacious ambiance, while the matching structures on several designs enhance the authentic effect.

Dimensions: 151 x 21 cm

Thickness: 4.5 mm

Pack: 7 planks = 2.220 m2

Bevels: Modern microbevel or rustic microbevel

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Balance combines rustic and modern designs; from sleek, elegant structures to intense, heavy-grained wood structures. To enhance their life-like appearance, several Balance designs feature matching structures.

Dimensions: 125.1 x 18.7 cm

Thickness: 4.5 mm

Pack: 9 planks = 2.105 m2

Bevels: Modern microbevel

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This collection features an expressive, tactile structure and fascinating colour variations. The V-grooved tiles radiate spaciousness and authenticity. Choose the nano-bevelled version for a more minimalist, modern look.

Dimensions: 130 x 32 cm

Thickness: 4.5 mm

Pack: 5 planks = 2.080 m2

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