Neff Z821UD0 Unducted Recirculation Kit

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  • Mandatory “Plug ’n Play” accessory for unducted recirculation configurations. Includes:
  • 4 high-performance cleanAir odour filters with optimised odour reduction performance for cooking applications with complex odour molecules (e.g. fish). Large scale filter surfaces with high odour reduction capabilities and a lifetime of 360 hours of cooking (nonregenerative). Filters are additionally optimised for low-noise with optimised psycho-acoustics.
  • A telescopic slider element with integrated sealings and a self-gluing fixation frame to easily connect the appliance’s air outlet with the cut-out in backpanel of the furniture.  The “Plug ‘n Play” system enables very convenient planning and very convenient and quick installations. A return-flow aperture of =400cm² is to be respected in the plinth area. This configuration requires a vertical aperture of min. 25mm behind the backpanel of the furniture. Suggested for ideal performance is 50mm.